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Here is a bit about the program:

"At Mega Mergers, they do two things — Think and Create!

Founded in June 2015, The Mega Mergers Apprenticeship Programme teaches at-risk youth to think, create and communicate through the arts, media and training in business and enviro-sustainability. This group of fine creative minds is headed by its founder, artist and entrepreneur Candis Marshall.

The foundation of their work is to find indigenous and recyclable materials and think about ways to transform these materials into art, crafts and functional pieces. They explore those thoughts further by creating beautiful and functional pieces.

At present, their exploration has led them to focus on old and discarded tires as well as bicycle parts and other discarded materials that they source locally. Through their many community partnerships, they sourced used tires that would have otherwise been added to the burning stock pile at the city dump. They have taken these tires and transformed them into jewelry, furniture, belts and handbags and any and everything they can possibly imagine."


-Smith & Benjamin’s Bahamian Art & Culture eMagazine - 


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